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Sam Nemeth

Sam Nemeth

Apart from being a musician and photographer in the eighties, Sam Nemeth studied Film and Television sciences (now called Media and Culture science). He worked with video collective Staats-TV Rabotnik, a TV-program on local Amsterdam cable that focused on politics and arts. He recorded and edited video's for the educational department of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and was editor of the Dutch film -and other audiovisual media- magazine Skrien.

He specialized in computergames and became free-lance journalist (writing and filming), working for different media like television, printed press and the internet. He became more involved in streaming media, resulting in several functions at media-lab Waag Society in Amsterdam, where he started the streaming media platform KillerTV and organized lecture series, art-performances and talkshows. Nemeth also shaped the communication department of Waag Society and started and developed the Waag Magazine.

As a free lance documentary maker he produced and directed several series, mostly on new media. As cameraman and editor he made the documentary Hippies from Hell about an international hacker community and is currently involved in the production of another documentary, both in close co-operation with his wife, artist and journalist Ine Poppe.

Sam Nemeth is lecturer/coach at The University of Eindhoven and is a staff member of trans disciplinary medialab The Patching Zone in Rotterdam. He lives in Amsterdam.