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Pinar Temiz

Pinar Temiz

[doesn't really like referring to herself in 3rd person but there she goes]:

“Originated” from Istanbul / Turkey, she is currently residing in the Netherlands & teaching herself how to enjoy most of what life brings along her way.

Coming from Music Production & Technology background (Istanbul Bilgi University), she studied Sound Design at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology. During her studies, she got herself involved with various projects, mainly focusing on interactive / dynamic sound design in different contexts such as adaptive game audio, live electronics, interactive dance performances… possibly because she enjoys thinking about the meaning of things/what-just-happened and their translation to sound.

She likes coffee, late nights, bbqing with friends, tons of chit-chat and her long-gone memories. Loves the green, misses the see and most of all playing with her band, rocking her socks off!