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Re-Mapping Feijenoord

The first four workshops are organized in co-operation with 'De Nieuwe Kans', a local organization in Feijenoord that helps high school drop-outs and unemployed youngsters getting an education, work and housing.

The aim of the project is to make people aware of their cultural identity and to use this as a starting point for a narrative re-mapping of the area. The first step was to assess what experiences the participants had at what locations. Participants were handed out maps of the area where they marked their stories. The second step was to use this story as a basis to make a -narrative- video. For this purpose, we used videocameras provided by Kosmopolis Rotterdam. Then the participants had the chance to edit the stories at the I-center (the youth center at the Noordereiland). The results of the workshop are published here on the website, where you can also see the videos the participants edited.

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