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Join us for the Big South Lab's FINAL EVENT November 19, 2010 at the Creative Factory

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The Big South project moves on where Go-for-IT!, the citygame The Patching zone is producing now in Rotterdam Zuid, stops. It uses the contacts and partnerships that have already been made in the area to work on a network that will motivate and facilitate young people from Rotterdam Zuid to start as a creative entrepreneur. To realize this, a -mobile- Digital Lab will be created and a major end-event will be produced, together with our partners and young people from the area. Throughout the period there will be peer-to-peer workshops, where the exchange of skills and idea's are crucial. The project will build a node of the international Living Lab network where young people can get experience with creative media applications in a digital media lab and get a strong theoretical and practical preparation in cultural and social entrepreneurship.

Big South Team:

Andreas Zingerle
Chris Baronavski
Lars Kynde
Georgios Papadakis
Chris Charmes

Big South Interns:
Maartje van den Hurk
Kevin Brito
Big J

Former Big South Members

Eric Parren
Sietse Dols
Yening Jin
Pinar Temiz
Tyler Freeman
Geoffrey Frimpong

The Patching Zone Team:

Anne Nigten
Sam Nemeth
Kristina Andersen
Simon de Bakker
René Wassenburg
Jaap Bugter

The Big South Lab is made possible through special partnership with Kosmopolis Rotterdam

Kosmopolis Rotterdam uses art and culture to make people from diverse cultural backgrounds curious about each other’s lifestyles and ways of doing things. Here, we are hoping that people will relate to each other - no matter how different they may be and wish to remain - that the barriers will decrease, the prejudices be modified and the distance reduced so that similarities can be recognised and acknowledged, and a dialogue will be established.

For more information about Kosmopolis Rotterdam, please visit their website.